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August 25, 2011 at 4:22 am (Christian Family)

I always ask, and I really shouldn’t have to. I should already know the answer by now.

“Why is this so hard?”

I want Christ at the center of our home. I want to live the two greatest commandments. First, love God with every ounce of my being, and love people. I want to exemplify that to my children.  I want peace, peace that surpasses understanding.  I want joy, joy overflowing. My joy should be full, and it should be my strength.  I want love, love that permeates, God’s kind of love, filling every nook and cranny of this home, this family. I want our whole family, to live a life that is pleasing to God, together.

But too often, the “things to do” list becomes the center of our home, receiving all our attention, all of our energy and all of our resources. Too often, peace, between the children, is replaced with selfishness and bickering.  Joy in us, as parents and children, is replaced with frustration and disobedience. Love and respect, between my husband and I, is replaced with arguing and distance. Peace is lost. Joy is lost.  This is not love and without love, we are just making noise.  Relationships suffer.

But, relationships are the most important thing, first with God and then with people. “God, help us.”

Life can be all consuming. There is so much to do in this one room schoolhouse. There are dishes to clean, clothes to wash, bills to pay, lessons to teach, lessons to learn, meals to cook, rooms to tidy, deadlines to meet, paperwork to be filled out, lawns to mow, animals to feed, supplies to buy, engagements to attend, practice to go to, appointments to make, hearts to mend, cuts to be bandaged, futures to plan. The list is endless. It’s life. And life is multiplied with each addition to the family.

I pray for peace, joy and love in our household.  I do not give up, even though is seems elusive. It’s a fight and it’s hard.

“Why is this so hard?”

When I forget that my fight is NOT with flesh and blood, but with dark forces unseen, and neglect to use the weapons I have been provided, then my victory is lost and it is hard. When I forget that I cannot rely on my strength alone, then I am weak and drowning under the weight of the burden I bear, then it is hard.  When my hands are busy, I leave my sword, abandoned. When  things are good, I fall asleep.

“Why is this so hard?”

I remember the answer. I am in a war, a war for my soul. A war for my children’s souls. I must fight for my family. We, husband and I, must fight  for our marriage. We have to fight for the hearts of our children.

He who seeks to steal, kill and destroy, comes at a more opportune time, a time strategically chosen. A time when I am weak, I am distracted, and I do not even know it.  I am blindsided. I should have seen it coming.  The evil one is relentless and arrows fly. I scramble for my shield. Is it in the pile of dirty dishes?

I remember the answer. I must rest in and rely on the One who promises His strength perfected in my weakness. I mu

st stop the busyness and be renewed in

His presence, or I will have nothing left to give. I must take up my full armor, that I may be able to resist and stand my ground against all that the evil on


e throws my way.  I must be empowered through my union with Him, Jesus. I must draw my strength from Him, that strength which His boundless might provides, by His Spirit. I must let Him bear the load.

I do, and I am ready again.  I am ready to walk everyday, fighting for what is most important in this life. I am Relentless.

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